Terms and conditions


  • Please drive slowly on the camping.
    The barrier opens at 07:00 and closes at 22:00. Outside these hours it is forbidden to drive on the camping.
  • ¬†Please make sure you do not leave anything on your pitch at departure, this may lead to accidents while mowing the grass.


  • At arrival everyone has to register at the reception at the earliest possible.
  • Visitors have to report at the reception as soon as possible. They can park their car at the assigned parking. Please see the ground plan and follow directions of all personal.
  • Visitors have to leave the camping before 22:00, otherwise they will be charged a full day.

Arrival and departure:

  • Arrival at the camping is after 13:00. At the day of departure you are supposed to leave before 11:30. Late departure is only possible after agreement with the reception. If no arrangement has been made, you will be charged an extra night.
  • if you wish to leave before opening hours of the reception, please arrange the evening before with the reception. Your SEP card and the invoice have to arranged.
  • The camping pitch has to be left behind in good order at departure.
  • For mobile homes and chalets arrival times is at 16:00, departure before 11:00. The appointment for the final check has to be made at the reception latest one day before departure.
  • Early departure does not imply restitution.


  • On the camping we have 15 mobile homes and 4 chalets.
  • Pets are allowed in the chalets, but not in the mobile homes.

At your pitch:

  • Park your car at your assigned camping pitch.
  • It is forbidden to drive on the camping between 22:00 and 07:00
  • Every mobile home or chalet has 1 parking-spot at your convenience.
  • It is your and other best interest to keep the camping and toilets as clean as possible. When our staff is cleaning the toilets and shower, please use a different building and allow them to perform their tasks.
  • Grey water should be disposed off inn the sewers, not at the trees!
  • Collect your water directly under your camper of caravan, do not dig any holes or trenches.
  • Do not cover the grass with plastic, this will kill the grass and leaves the pitch useless after your departure.


  • Per pitch you are allowed to use one powerplug (3pole CEE plug) of the central power cabinet.
  • Per pitch there is 10 ampere available. Meaning you can use maximum 2200 Watts.
  • Electrical equipment like grills, ovens and other appliances that use more than 10 ampere is strictly forbidden.


  • Showers are included¬† You can get a SEP-card at the reception

BBQ and open fire:

  • The use of a BBQ is allowed under the condition that the other camping guests are not hindered. Mind wind directions and strength. Place your BBQ on a solid flat surface, and not directly on the grass.
  • Only gas and charcoal BBQ’s are allowed.
  • Open fire in any form, for instance but not limited to used BBQ or other firepits are strictly forbidden!
  • During periods of long drought, the camping owners reserve the right to prohibit the use of BBQ’s

Cats and Dogs:

  • Inline with the Luxembourg law, dogs should be on a leash at all time, also on your assigned pitch.
  • Dogs are not allowed in the reception, the Grandcafe during lunch or dinner (with exception of the terrace), toiletbuildings or the pool area.
  • You can walk your dog outside the camping. It is strictly forbidden to walk your dog on the camping. In case of accidents your are obligated to cleanup the remains.

Noise disturbance:

  • Out of respect for the other guests it is mandatory you keep the noise levels down after 22:00. Consider examples like music, loud voice etc.
  • In case you suffer from the loud noises from other camping guests, please notify the camping owners or the reception.
  • We have special fields for bigger groups, in order to reduce the disturbance.


  • Adults are liable and responsible for their children at any time.
  • Children below 6 years are not allowed alone in the showers or toilets, they should always be guided by an adult.
  • Children below 6 years should always be guided by an adult when using the the playground or swimming pool. Rules apply at the swimming pool, please read them with your children.
  • We appreciate it highly if your children stay out of our gardens.


  • For any questions or other task that involve the reception, please see opening hours to schedule your visit accordingly.
  • Announcements and general information can be found in the yellow vitrine beside the reception door, or on the reception windows.
  • The camping is equipped with wireless internet. To access the wifi hotspot, you need to acquire a ticket at the reception. Any charges if not included are payable upfront.
    Instructions will be provided by the reception.


  • You can pay with cash, creditcard or debit card.
  • You can not deposit cash at the camping, there are different banks in Diekirch.


  • There is an emergency bell next to the men’s toilet behind the reception (building B) that can be used outside opening hours of the reception and/or Grandcafe.
  • The national emergency number is 112. For police 113.
  • In case of an emergency always warn the owners of the camping, they will provide guidance and assistance where needed.


  • Since 2012 the camping has an environmental label
  • Please hand in your empty cigarette lighters and batteries at the reception.
  • Please separate your waste and dispose in the correct containers at our container park behind the reception building.
  • Please hand in your used frying oil (notify the reception upfront)
  • Larger waste, for example plastic chairs, can be disposed after notifying the reception. (a small fee can be charged, at the disgrace of the reception)

Liability and theft:

  • the owners are not liable for, but not limited to, accidents, theft, flood damage or any other damage.
  • We kindly ask you to behave as a decent guest and refrain from damaging or stealing our, or other guests properties at all time.
  • The cornfields surrounding the camping are strictly forbidden to enter. The owner will report this to the police in case of damage to the crops, and will hold you accountable for the damage.
  • In case of vandalism or theft, the police will always be notified, and the accused will be removed from the camping per direct without any form of refund.

The owners reserve the right to remove anyone from the camping when they act against the rules, terms or conditions of the camping without any form of refund.